Handmade Designer Luminaries




Dear friends!

Our workshop offers designer handmade luminaries. These luminaries are very beautiful, they always attract attention, lend variety to the interior of your apartment and give accent to your own individual style.

All luminaries are made only to order, so it’s just impossible to find a similar copy.

One of the most nonhazardous material – PVC is used for making our luminaries, and the source of light is an energy saving fluorescent lamp.

Handiwork means high quality of our luminaries.  The accuracy of making guarantees the  long service life of our luminaries.

You can place such luminaries not only in living rooms but in offices, in hotels and any other places too. Also the logo of your company can be represented on a luminary.


In the Design Samples Section you can find some solutions of different styles. But we don’t limit you only in these solutions, we are ready to make only your unique luminary by your design or any other idea especially for you.

Also on that page you can order any light you like or asked us to make a luminary by your own request and demands